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Honoring our super genius kids!

The academic category includes spectacular achievement in Writing, Spelling, Reading, Math, Science, History, Engineering, Astronomy, Biology, and any other academic field of study. 


Celebrating our super volunteers!

The community service category includes any extraordinary volunteer work that helps others, the environment, or animals. This can be faith based community service as well (work with a church). 


Recognizing super kid athletes!

The athletic category includes any team or individual sport included but not limited to: martial arts, dance, cheerleading, swimming, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, cross country, softball, volleyball, bowling, and wrestling. 


Awarding our super amazing kids!

The other category includes but is not limited to: business and entrepreneurship, visual art, performing arts, gaming, agriculture, foreign language, horseback riding, and other extracurricular areas. 


  • Custom Super Kid Award Trophy
  • Super Kid Award Certificate
  • Four free all access tickets to Kid Quest 2024
  • KidQuest T-Shirt
  • 2 tickets to the Chattanooga Zoo
  • Ice Ninja Blaster Zone Gift Card
  • More to be added!
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